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IBM 1z0-1041-22 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Create a flexible layout of multiple visualizations to present data as a story
  • Using Oracle Applications Connector and EPM Connector
Topic 2
  • Create and train a machine learning model, analyze its effectiveness and use it in a project
  • Explain Migration Options to OAC and OAS
Topic 3
  • Register and apply Oracle Database Machine Learning Models
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud Provisioning and Lifecycle
Topic 4
  • se Data Flows to curate a Data Set
  • Provision Users and Application Roles
Topic 5
  • Explain Advanced Calculations inside Expression Editor
  • Describe the Advanced Analytics capabilities in OAC
Topic 6
  • Explain OAC 'best visualization' for a data set
  • Describe using Function Shipping with ADW
Topic 7
  • Describe 'sequence' in the context of OAC data preparation
  • Describe and Create Oracle Analytic Cloud Solutions
Topic 8
  • Administer Analysis, Dashboards and Reports
  • Use OAC to present your data as a story
Topic 9
  • Explain Transactional System, Analytical Systems, Data Warehousing, Dimension, Facts and Hierarchies
  • Import a custom visualization plugin
Topic 10
  • Navigate from a Data Visualization into a Publisher Report using Data Actions
  • Describe self service data preparation

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IBM Oracle Cloud Platform Enterprise Analytics 2022 Professional Sample Questions (Q25-Q30):


Which feature does the Data Lake Edition uniquely offer?

  • A. Execute data flows on Apache Spark
  • B. Live optimized connectivity to your on-premises database
  • C. Use the Day by Day mobile app
  • D. Migrate content from your existing on-premises environment

Answer: A


Which two statements are true regarding the ways in which Oracle Analytics Cloud provides self-service data preparation capabilities?

  • A. Data sources can include application tables, data warehouses, data lake reservoirs, delimited flat files, and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in the .xlsx format.
  • B. The Oracle Data Integrator tool used for extraction, load, and transformation of data is a foundational component of the Oracle Analytics Cloud and is essential for data preparation.
  • C. Join rules for mashing up data from relational sources and delimited flat files can only be defined within the Oracle Analytics Cloud Data Modeler.
  • D. Data flows within the data preparation feature of Data Visualization can be used to extract, wrangle, and format data content from all supported data sources to create data sets upon which visuals may be constructed.

Answer: A,D


Which statement is true when migrating content from Oracle BI Enterprise Edition 12c to Oracle Analytics Cloud?

  • A. You can only migrate an Oracle BI Enterprise Edition 12c Data Model to Oracle Analytics Cloud. Catalog migration is not allowed.
  • B. You can migrate a snapshot from Oracle BI Enterprise Edition 12c to Oracle Analytics Cloud.
  • C. At this time there is no option to migrate Oracle BI Enterprise Edition llg content to Oracle Analytics Cloud.
  • D. Both the Oracle BI Enterprise Edition 12c Data Model and the Catalog must be migrated to Oracle Analytics Cloud. They cannot be migrated independently.

Answer: B


You are migrating On-Premises Essbase cubes to the cloud service. Which four steps should you perform?

  • A. Install and execute the Life Cycle Management utility to export the required Essbase source application.
  • B. Convert all applications and associated artifacts to non-Unicode mode before export.
  • C. Import a .zip file using the Command Line Interface tool.
  • D. Convert all application-level files and artifacts to database-level files and artifacts before export.
  • E. Correct any partition settings in the Life Cycle Management exported .zip file.
  • F. Convert all application-level substitution variables to server-level variables before export.

Answer: A,C,E,F


When you create a service, a diagnostics ZIP file is uploaded to your cloud storage location. Where can you find this file if your issue requires further diagnosis?

  • A. Go to your cloud storage and locate the service_provisionfng logs folder.
  • B. Go to your cloud storage and locate the service_provisioning_failure logs folder.
  • C. Go to your cloud storage and locate the service_failure logs folder.
  • D. Go to your cloud storage and locate the provisioning_failure logs folder.

Answer: A





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