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BICSI RCDDv14 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Participate in the procurement of ICT materials to ensure the materials match the submittals
  • Define scope of ICT Design
Topic 2
  • Produce ICT close-out documentation for the owner to provide the record documentation of the installation
Topic 3
  • Conduct final ICT inspections to ensure standard and code compliance, design intent, and
  • or client requirements are met
Topic 4
  • Produce ICT Bill of Materials
  • List of Materials (BOM
  • LOM) for the project stakeholders
Topic 5
  • Calculate (size) ICT premise backbone pathways to ensure standards and code compliance and
  • or client requirements are met
Topic 6
  • Review ICT bids
  • tenders for completeness to the Request for Proposal (RFP) response and compliance to the design
Topic 7
  • Review ICT close-out documentation with the owner to ensure it is accurate and complete
Topic 8
  • Design ICT telecommunication spaces to ensure standards compliance and
  • or client requirements are met
Topic 9
  • Perform field engineering
  • observations to clarify and provide direction to the installer as to where issues exist

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BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) Sample Questions (Q281-Q286):


While setting up a program's infrastructure and plan, a program management team develops documents and processes that provide commonality and consistency throughout the program's components. What should the team also prepare, if not already provided by the organization's assets?

  • A. Industry standards that provide guidance to the component project managers on how to adapt their detailed planning to the program's master plan
  • B. Breakdowns such as the program work breakdown structure (PWBS) component project milestones and budgets that transform top-level planning into fragments relevant to the components
  • C. Files, filing structures, and templates for knowledge repositories that contain centrally stored and commonly maintained program data
  • D. Documents that enable level-adequate aggregation and consolidation of component/program information and forecasting

Answer: A


An aircraft manufacturer is engaged by an airline to build a fleet of new airliners. The program charter has been approved but the stakeholders are concerned that the delivery method of the program may not meet their expectations Using the program master schedule what will the program manager incorporate to align the program with the expectations of the stakeholders?

  • A. PWBS, benefits management plan, and program financial management plan
  • B. Program work breakdown structure (PWBS) program scope statement, and benefits management plan
  • C. Program scope statement benefits management plan, and program financial management plan
  • D. Program charter PWBS, and program scope statement

Answer: B


A regional finance program is impacted by a new currency regulation issued by a country in the region. The new regulation requires changes to the financial statements of that country's branches by the end of the fiscal year Failing to comply with the regulation may result in fines and/or closure of the branches. A branch general manager immediately meets with the program manager to select and secure a local fiscal expert to support the regulation as these types of resources are in high demand. There is a high risk that the changes will not be completed on time if the resource is not secured What should the program manager do to address the risk?

  • A. Build a coalition with local companies that can influence the government to renegotiate the imposed deadline
  • B. Create fine and closure scenarios to assess the impact on the program and create a contingency plan
  • C. Generate a delivery incentive contract with the selected fiscal expert to ensure on-time delivery of the revised financial statements
  • D. Assess the risk incorporate it in the program's risk management plan and meet with the steering committee

Answer: A


In specifying labels and pruned tags that meet Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 969 Standard, marking and labeling systems are provided following the listed metrics. Which two of the following are REQUIRED for the UL standard? (Select two options.)

  • A. Texture test
  • B. Visual inspection
  • C. Durability test
  • D. Adhesion test
  • E. Thickness test

Answer: B,D



A pay telephone using coins needs to be installed in a public area. In the specifications, it is required that the telephone shall meet the ADA (Americans with Disability Act) requirement for side reach using a wheelchair.

What will be the maximum reachable height or the value of "X"?

  • A. 864 mm (34 in)
  • B. 1220 mm (48 in)
  • C. 1170 mm (46 in)
  • D. 760 mm (30 in)
  • E. 1370 mm (54 in)

Answer: E



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